The year was 1986. The seed of social consciousness that his mother had sown in the mind of Sri. M.V Muthuramalingam, when he was of impressionable age, was now germinating and sprouting the outcome - establishing Velammal Matriculation School at Chennai with strength of 183 students and 13 staff members. As the years passed, the strength of the school grew and so did its reputation. The need for more Institutions arose. Thus the name and works of Velammal Institutions spread far and wide.

From a small school at Mugappair, Chennai, it has spread to districts of Thiruvallur, Sivaganga, Madurai, Kanchipuram, Theni & Karur in Tamil Nadu. Now the trust holds 70,000 students and 5000 staff members under its umbrella, with such growth also grew the responsibilities. The Trust was formed to meet the growing demands, to run the group professionally, with determination, dedication, and distinction. It has indeed lived up to the trust.

Velammal is synonymous with quality education from KG to PG. To meet the growing academic challenges globally, Velammal Educational Trust (VET) at Chennai and Madurai along Veeramakali Memorial Welfare Trust (VMWT) is determined to run the institutions under its tutelage, professionally, adopting all the modern advancements in academics and technology to shape the individuals into truly global citizens with Indian values.

Velammal Vision:

To uphold the social values while helping the society to develop technologically and morally by providing education of global standards, thus bringing about emancipation in the society through knowledge and wisdom.


Inspiration is like a spark. It can light the whole city. One frail lady with strong conviction has motivated thousands of others to have good education and be proud citizens. One Velammal has kindled the spirit of thousands of Velammalians. A very humble, rustic lady with rural background and an unassuming attitude was how one described Smt. Velammal. When they met her for the first time. But this frail lady, with her conviction and determination inspired the society and transformed it through her devoted son, Shri M.V.Muthuramalingam like Jeeja Bai influenced Chatrapati Shivaji centuries ago. Her Philosophy was quite simple, She used to say, " You take care of the society and the society will reciprocate. You are not in isolation nor is your family. It is all a part of the society and the growth is interdependent ".

Velammal Vidhyashram – Ambattur

Velammal, today has emerged as one of the largest educational groups in the country. The number of its alumni spread across the globe, pursuing successful careers is a testimony of its global presence and acceptance. The Velammal Educational Network offers a range of curriculum/courses to different age groups from Kindergarten to Post Graduation viz; State, CBSE and International programmes at school level and Professional UG and PG courses in Engineering, Management and Medicine.

Velammal Vidhyashram – Ambattur is a new school of thought. We believe that childhood is a treasure and this precious wealth grows by leaps and bounds. We are proud and willing to take up the onus of furthering young minds to a future that will be an example in/of its own. We look forward to nurturing generations here, under the aegis of the Velammal philosophy.

Chairman – A Living Legend

I am glad to note that you have given a thought to choose Velammal for your child’s learning. Velammal Vidhyashram is a unique place for learning. Our aim is to provide an environment that is both rich and challenging that encourages independence and deep thinking. We seek to build a culture where learning is held in high regard and doing your best is rewarded. Even though the facilities at Velammal are outstanding with spacious grounds and large open classrooms, our focus is on building connections between people. Our teachers know their students well and seek to give them the opportunity to blossom intellectually, socially and emotionally. We strive to build a culture of mutual respect as we seek to educate the heart and mind. We want our students grow up into creative, intuitive and sensitive young men and women.

Velammal was founded with the one aim in mind – preparing all the children, irrespective of their cultural, economic and social background to go into the challenging global society with the positive frame of mind and with the practical knowledge to enjoy a successful career and life enriched with human values.

With best wishes.


Velammal vidhyashram is a friendly place that caters especially for lively boys and girls who are intellectually curious, creative and keen to learn. Our staff works hard to encourage a love of learning and to support students as they develop opinions and interests of their own. We believe that the Primary years are formative and that positive experiences provided here stand the students in good stead. In many cases, passions and interests developed at Primary School remain with the children through-out their lives.

Our curriculum is rich and full. Students are encouraged to participate in a variety of programmes, including Music, Drama, Debating, Visual Arts, Sport, Computing, Science, Chess and Student Movement Services, in addition to the traditional elements of an academic, cultural and social education.

We also seek to give our pupils a keen sense of their moral obligations to society, whilst taking great care over their personal and emotional development.

If your child loves books and learning as much as sport, art and music, then this may well be the right place for her/him.

Vision Statement

  • Our vision is to provide a happy, caring and stimulus-rich learning environment where every pupil is guided and facilitated to become a wholesome personality with high principles and make his/her best contribution to the society.

Mission Statement

  • Velammal Vidhyashram seeks to promote a safe, orderly, caring, and supportive environment.
  • To create a challenging learning environment that encourages high expectations for success through development appropriate instruction that allows for individual differences and
  • learning styles.
  • To nurture student community with high principles and values which make a well formed human being who values oneself and the views and actions of peer group.
  • To develop and implement a curriculum that fosters experiential and explorative learning.
  • To prepare every pupil to be consciously responsible committed and contributing to the needs of the society.
  • Each student’s self-esteem is fostered by positive relationships with students and staff.
  • We strive to have our parents, teachers, and community members actively involved on our students’ learning.

Our Philosophy

  • At Velammal, we believe in
  • Educational excellence through a nurturing environment.
  • An atmosphere of open communication.
  • Fostering life-long learning.
  • Holistic development of pupil through the education of body, mind and soul.
  • Learning through enquiry and exploration.
  • Making learning effortless, joyful and effective.
  • Differentiated learning styles.
  • Integration of technology in education.
  • Respecting and appreciating social and cultural differences.
  • Every student is a teacher and every teacher is a learner.